New Solution: The SA2100 Rotating Platen Dual Label Applicator

If limited space and cost is a factor and you need to apply 2 different labels to your pallet load then the SA2100 Rotating Platen Dual Label Applicator will do the work of two applicators....

White Paper: The Case for Automatic Pallet Label Equipment

Pallets move the world. According to the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association, over 500 million...

Our first applicator built in 1996 is still in use today at a 24/7 production facility.

Kolinahr Systems takes pride in building high quality Label Applicators, Unit Load Stackers, and Custom Material Handling Equipment. Our products are built in Cincinnati, Ohio and our design and fabrication expertise makes Kolinahr equipment the benchmark for rugged and reliable material handling equipment.

Product Solutions

Custom Solutions

Kolinahr offers reliable, rugged custom label applicators and material handling equipment for warehouses, distributions centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Pallet Label Applicators

Kolinahr offers reliable, rugged pallet label applicators for warehouses, distributions centers, and manufacturing facilities.

Pallet and Unit Load Stacking Equipment

Kolinahr load stackers are heavy-duty solutions designed for consistently stacking unit loads.

Labels and Ribbon Catalog

Kolinahr Systems now offers labels and ribbon to fit your labeling needs. All of our labeling equipment is now tested using our own label product line.

Our Clients

At Kolinahr, our clients are what matter most. We offer every client, large or small, the same opportunities, respect and quality services. Below is a sample of some of the great companies that we have provided solutions for:

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