SA3100 Three Panel Pallet Label Applicator


Reliable, Repeatable Labeling

The SA3100 Three Panel Pallet Label Applicator is designed to print and apply labels to the front and/or side and/or back of a pallet load. The machine is controlled by a PLC, which can communicate with the conveyor, stretch wrapper, and palletizer to ensure proper product handling during the labeling sequence. Full diagnostic reports and communication tracking are available, making troubleshooting easy.

Rotating Application Arm

A SMC rotary actuator and a second slide-cylinder allow the platen pad to rotate 90° in either direction to apply the front and rear labels. Side labels are applied to the pallet load by a variable stroke slide-cylinder tamp assembly. The spring loaded tamp-pad adapts to the pallet load surface. Barcode labels are printed with a Zebra® PAX print engine.

Built to Last

The heavy-duty stand, the UL listed NEMA 12 industrial controls enclosure, and the other high quality commercial parts help ensure that the SA3100 will handle the rigors of 24/7 pallet load labeling.

Flexible Applicator Head

The label applicator head has three distinct ranges of motion: linear travel away from the applicator, rotation of the platen pad in either direction, and linear travel of the platen pad towards the front or rear of the load. The spring loaded tamp pad adapts to the load surface.

Technical Specifications

  • Size (L × W × H): 54.0” x 28.8” x 73.0” (1.4 m x 0.7 m x 1.9 m)
  • Electrical: 110 VAC, 60 Hz, Single phase, 10 A
  • Pneumatics: 3 SCFM (85 Lpm) Clean Dry Air (550 kPa)
  • Standard Printer: Zebra® PAX Print Engine
  • Print Resolution: 203/300 dpi (8/12 dots/mm)
  • Print Speed: 12” (305 mm) per second maximum
  • Print Width: 4.1” (104 mm) maximum
  • Print Length: 10.0” (254 mm) maximum
  • Label Specifications: 12” (305 mm) O.D. on 3” (76 mm) I.D. cores
    Die-cut labels with 1/8” (3 mm) space


  • 6.6” maximum print width
  • Optional custom labeling height or “Auto Height” (SA3110)
  • Customer-specified control system (Allen-Bradley PLC/SLC/CLX, Flex I/O, Modicon, more)
  • Mounted barcode scanners for label verification
  • Preprinted label dispenser (SA2201)
  • Sato, Datamax, Intermec or other print engine
  • Customer-specified interface to printer (AS400, Oracle, SAP, more)
  • 4-Panel labeling with additional SA3100 labeler or with turntable
  • RFID printer upgrade for “Smart Label” or EPC™ compliance (SA3100-RF, SA3101-RF)
  • Turnkey installation


  • Rotating Applicator Arm

    Applies labels to the front and/or side and/or back of pallet loads
    Durable design for low maintenance

  • Spring-Loaded Tamp Pad

    Adjusts to variations on the pallet load surface

  • Labeling Head Enclosure

    Protects labeler from damage

  • PLC Machine Control

    Control program can be customized for the application
    Communicates with other finished product handling equipment
    Allows for full diagnostics feedback

  • KLASS Labeling Software on Touch Screen PC

    Provides template and database flexibility at the labeler
    Prepares fault and ZPL code reports

  • Zebra® Table Top Printer

    High quality thermal transfer printing that is easy to maintain or replace

  • High Grade Pneumatics

    Soft-start reduces pneumatic impact during startup
    Minimizes air usage by the vacuum pad/air assist system

  • Heavy-Duty Stand w/ Jack

    Provides stable base for the machine
    Allows manual height adjustment

  • Industrial Safety Components

    LEXAN® safety guard around pinch points
    NEMA 12 controls enclosure
    Lockable electrical disconnect and air dump valve

  • Status Light Stack

    Provides a quick visual monitor for the operator

  • Media Status Indicators

    Low-level ribbon and media fault detection minimizes downtime


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