Reasons to Add a Scanner to your Automatic Pallet Labeler

Automated pallet labelers have been a part of the packaging line in large manufacturing facilities for a long time. But with this automation comes challenges. Here’s how a scanner can help.

Cold Temperature Labeling

One of the most difficult environments to label in is in a refrigerated or freezer setting.  For many manufacturers though, cold temperature labeling is unavoidable.  The need to maintain a consistent cold temperature for food and pharmaceutical safety and stability means that the whole packaging process needs to be under refrigerator or freezer conditions.  They often resort to hand labeling because they can’t find a label applicator that will reliably work in cold conditions.  Imagine being that person that has to stand there in a freezer picking labels off a printer and sticking them to a pallet load.

New Equipment Release: Introducing the PLS200 Pallet Lift System

Kolinahr Systems is proud to announce the development of a new innovative piece of equipment called the PLS200 Pallet Lift System.  The days of digging a pit to install a scissor lift system are gone thanks to this inventive new design.  Using a set of guide rails and a short floor ramp, the operator guides the load onto the PLS200 and the machine quickly and accurately lifts the load and places it onto the conveyor.

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