SA3100 Three-Sided Pallet Label Applicator

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Reliable, Repeatable Labeling

The SA3100 Three-Sided Pallet Label Applicator does the work of multiple machines.  It is designed to print and apply labels to the front, near side, and back of a pallet load giving you label and barcode visibility on 3 sides of your unit load.  The machine is controlled via PLC to allow it communicate with the other machines on your packaging line and ensure proper product handling during your end of line sequence.  Full diagnostic reports and made available on an HMI screen to assist in trouble shooting and provide real time label information to the operator.

Our signature spring loaded tamp pad easily adapts to uneven and angled surfaces.  Enjoy fewer dropped labels and fewer wrinkles thanks to our industry proven pneumatic capture technology.

built to last

The heavy-duty stand, the UL listed NEMA 12 industrial controls enclosure, and the other high quality custom built and commercial parts help ensure that the SA3100 will handle a rigorous 24/7 production environment.

product tracking

Some customers opt to add scanning to their machine (as pictured in the video above).  This allows for real time barcode verification and data entry for the purpose of tracking the load through the warehouse.  Our team is well versed in a variety of scanners and cameras by many different manufacturers.  So whether you have a preferred manufacturer or need a recommendation based on your application.  Our team can help.


Our team works to create a solution to fulfill your facilities packaging needs.  Therefore each machine is custom built for your application.  Here are a few added features our customers have opted to include, but if you don’t see what you need, please contact us to speak with an engineer.

        • Adjustable auto-height capability
        • Extreme low-height application
        • Pull-away maintenance position
        • Low label stock and ribbon sensors
        • Operator lock-out for printer maintenance
        • Separate control panel for installation outside of fencing
        • End of arm scan and verification equipment
        • Traksys tracking software
        • And more…