The PS520’s two-post design mounts on both sides of the conveyor to provide stability and to minimizing floor space requirements. After a pallet load is conveyed into the stack zone, it is squared by a positive stop gate and pneumatic alignment system. Once the unit load is in position, a pair of pneumatic slide arms grabs the pallet and lifts the whole load with an electric motor.

A second unit load is conveyed under the first and squared using the same method. The PS520 then lowers the first load onto the second. The arms retract and the perfectly aligned and stacked load can now be conveyed out of the stack zone.


The machine is controlled by a PLC, which can communicate with the conveyor, stretch wrapper, and palletizer. This feature makes it an integral part of the packaging line. The PLC tracks pallets via a data stream provided from the palletizer and allows non-matching or partial pallets to pass through.


The PS520 Pallet Load Stacker is built with a heavy-duty all-steel frame and grade-8 hardware. It is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance to keep it running. This machine is in operation in some of the harshest manufacturing environments there are and has been rated with withstand an 8.0 earthquake.


The safety features on the PS520 Pallet Load Stacker are what really set it apart. Each machine is equipped with perimeter fencing with electronic gate switches, light curtains, and a ratcheting emergency fall prevention mechanism. Various sensors to detect and prevent overstacking and stack failures due to partial loads are also available.


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