Flexible Productivity

The PS600 slip sheet stacker mounts on one side of the unit load conveyor and holds the stretch wrapped loads with a blade stop mounted in the stack zone conveyor. The load stacker uses linear rails and bearings to move multiple support bars between the rollers under the unit load. The load is raised and lowered with a variable speed electric drive system. A retainer blade keeps load edges aligned as the support bars are retracted.

Plc Controlled

The machine is controlled by a PLC, which can communicate with the conveyor, stretch wrapper, and palletizer to ensure proper product handling during the stacking sequence. Tracking unit loads via the palletizer’s data stream allows non-matching or partial loads to pass through.

Versatile Load Handling

The PS600 can be configured to handle both slip sheets and pallet loads of a variety of sizes. The standard configuration handles 40″ x 48″ unit loads traveling broadside first. The heavy-duty steel frame delivers maximum stability and quick installation, and is ideal for high volume warehousing operations.


Our team works to create a solution to fulfill your facility’s packaging needs.  Therefore, each machine is custom built for your application.  Here are a few added features our customers have opted to include, but if you don’t see what you need, please contact us to speak with an engineer.

        • Option to stack pallets and/or slip sheets
        • Triple stacked unit loads
        • Custom paint color
        • And more…