While each of our machines is a one-of-a-kind and designed to fit your facility’s specific needs. Sometimes you need something that is REALLY one-of-a-kind.  No problem!  We love a good challenge.  Our experienced team of engineers are experts in creative solutions to difficult problems.


PLS200 Pallet Lift System

The PLS200 is a pallet lift system designed to take pallets from floor level to conveyor level (or from conveyor level to floor level). The automation of this task helps to minimize damage caused by fork trucks. Unlike other pallet lift designs on the market, this machine does not require a pit to be dug for installation, or messy hydraulics that need to be maintained. The small footprint means it can be installed just about anywhere, and the perpendicular loading design puts your pallets in the optimal orientation for CDLR conveyor.

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Knock Down Table Automation for Mixed Size Bags

In recent years, manufacturers have seen an increase in the number of sizes and types of products their end-users and retailers are asking for.  To be efficient, production lines need to be flexible.  This often means more frequent changeovers.  And changeovers take time.

This manual adjusting knockdown table has been outfitted with automation features designed by our team.  With the push of a button an operator can now automatically change the position of each adjuster based on the bag size selection.  A changeover that used to take minutes can now be accomplished in a matter of seconds.



Due to the increasing demand of ecommerce and the various labeling requirements of different retailers, unit load labeling is not as simple as it used to be.  Manufactures have to set their systems up to accommodate those varying requirements.  This customer needed to be able to label in both the horizontal and vertical orientations but didn’t have enough space for two label applicators.

Our engineers designed a rotating label platen.  This custom label platen was added to a SA2100 model that labels two sides of the load.  This gave the customer enough flexibility to label their product in the way that the retailers requested.


This customer had two challenges. First, they needed to label an uneven curved surface, second, it needed to be a 8in. by 10in. label.

Our engineers designed a specialized arm and platen.  The specialized arm used a dual motion application sequence.  The platen uses spring loaded “fingers” to better accommodate the uneven surface and hold the oversized label.


This project required a labeler that could apply labels on three sides of the unit load, but there was only room for the machine after the loads had been double stacked.

Our engineers had already developed the automatically adjusting height technology, but at the time had only applied it with a single sided tamp labeler.  They easily merged that technology with our SA3100 Three Panel Pallet Applicator.  The machine shown in the video was developed for a trade show and uses servo motors to manipulate the arm.