Heavy Duty Quality You Can Count On

The CL3000 print & apply case labeler is built to handle a rigorous 24/7 case labeling environment with a rugged PHD slide-cylinder, heavy-duty stand, NEMA 12 and UL listed controls enclosure and other high quality commercial parts.  Barcode labels are printed using a Zebra print engine and are applied to the cases by a heavy-duty tamp assembly.  The spring-loaded tamp-pad adapts to the case surface, wiping the label on as the case passes.  This unique design ensures that the label adheres firmly without damaging your product.

Minimal Downtime

Minimize downtime by empowering your operators with the information they need.  An HMI touch screen makes set up easy and provides real time fault display messages for quick trouble shooting.  Sensors detect when label and ribbon stock are getting low and alert the operator on an easy to see LED light stack, so they can be ready with a replacement when the roll runs out.  Changing label stock is quick and easy with our no-strain toggle-lock label spindles and reference label path diagram clearly marked on the machine.  Maintenance is minimal, but when wear parts do need to be replaced it is usually as easy as removing a few bolts.

A Tailored Solution

As is typical with all Kolinahr equipment, the CL3000 print & apply case labeler is highly customizable. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in case labeling and we welcome your input and feedback as we design a one-of-a-kind solution for your business.  Here are a few added features our customers have opted to include, but if you don’t see what you need, please contact us to speak with an engineer.

        • Corner wrap label
        • Pull-away maintenance position
        • Low Label Stock and ribbon sensors
        • Traksys tracking software
        • And more…