The Next Generation In Label Applicators

Kolinahr Systems Proudly Presents the CR5 Collaborative Robotic Label ApplicatorThe Kolinahr Systems CR5 Collaborative Robot is designed for those automatic label applications that require a unique solution. This new applicator provides the ultimate in flexibility and safety.  The robotic arm is collaborative, meaning it can work safely alongside plant employees.  The CR5 Collaborative Robot is customizable when it comes to label positions, angles, and application force.  While the...

White Paper: The Case for Automatic Pallet Label Equipment

Pallets move the world. According to the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association, over 500 million pallets are manufactured in the U.S. every year, and on any given day 1.8 billion pallets are in use somewhere in the U.S. Warehouses are competing for customers and are adopting automation. It was reported that even two years ago over 70% of product manufactures were involved in label, marking or coding upgrades in anticipation of market improvements. Are you ready for automation? Read...

Introducing A More Efficient Label With A Recyclable Liner

Kolinahr Systems would like to introduce the newest innovative label to hit the market. It has been thoroughly tested and approved by a team of Engineers for use with the Kolinahr Systems pallet label applicators. The new labels have a synthetic liner which is made of a recyclable material compared to the current industry standard liner which is not recyclable. The new synthetic liner is a thinner but stronger material so we can now fit 20% to 50% more labels on a roll and that means less...


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