General Description

The PS400 Pallet Load Stacking Equipment is designed to stack pallet loads quickly and accurately, saving up to 60 seconds per stacked load verses forklift stacking saving both labor and time while using a minimum amount of floor space.

The PS400 mounts on one side of the pallet conveyor and uses motor-driven forks to grab the pallet and lift it with a second electric motor. The machine is controlled by a PLC which can communicate with the conveyor, stretch wrapper, and palletizer, making it an integral part of the packaging line.

The PS400 tracks pallets via a data stream provided from the palletizer and allows non-matching or partial pallets to pass through.

Built to Last

The PS400 utilizes a welded tubular steel frame to deliver stability and quick installation, and is ideal for high volume warehousing operations where space is a premium.