RP5000 Robotic Palletizer

RP5000: Robotic Palletizer & De-Palletizer

Kolinahr Systems Announces New Status as Universal Robots Certified Systems Integrator


With over 40 years of experience in palletizer programming and 10 years of experience with collaborative robots, our team has the knowledge required for your growing packaging and material handling needs.  The benefits of a robotic palletizer are easy to see.  The robot arm allows for more flexibility and easier changeover.  It also takes up much less floor space than the traditional palletizing machine.  With fewer moving parts overall, maintenance is a breeze and downtime is minimized.

custom design

Whether you are palletizing a fixed layout each time or changing things up with mixed SKU pallets. Our engineers can provide a tailored solution specific to your needs.  Our team has experience with a variety of vision systems and applications to achieve the accuracy and consistency your production requires.  We create our end of arm tooling in house which means each mechanism is designed specifically for your products and tested rigorously before installation.

The RP5000 incorporates a UR20 or UR30 collaborative robotic arm from Universal Robots.  The model is dependent on reach and weight requirements. While the collaborative robot is designed to work around humans, many customers opt to add additional layers of safety like fencing, light curtains, electronic door switches, or area scanners.

Built to last

At Kolinahr we have always made it our mission to provide high quality and durable equipment that will withstand rigourous 24/7 production and require little in maintenance.  This is all in an effort to minimize our customers downtime.  Our RP5000 Robotic Palletizer upholds that legacy with a durable all steel frame, lubed for life components, and easy to access troubleshooting guide provided on the HMI on the main control panel.

all in one

Reach out to our sales team to see how you can accomplish your palletizing, wrapping, and labeling all in a single conveyor zone with the Kolinahr ONECELL System.


Our team works to create a solution to fulfill your facility’s packaging needs.  Therefore, each machine is custom built for your application.  Here are a few added features our customers have opted to include on their robotic palletizer, but if you don’t see what you need, please contact us to speak with an engineer.

        • Multiple pallet sizes
        • Mixed sku pallets
        • De-palletizing
        • Heavy loads
        • Custom paint color
        • Proximity safety sensing
        • And more…