Kolinahr Systems is proud to announce the development of a new innovative piece of equipment called the PLS200 Pallet Lift System.  The days of digging a pit to install a scissor lift system are gone thanks to this inventive new design.  Using a set of guide rails and a short floor ramp, the operator guides the load onto the PLS200 and the machine quickly and accurately lifts the load and places it onto the conveyor.

A pallet lift like no other

Unlike other pallet lift options on the market, the PLS200’s compact design means it can fit in just about anywhere.  The machine is designed to sit at floor level, so there is no requirement for a pit to be dug and reinforced like the traditional scissor lifts.  The all electric design means no messy hydraulics to maintain and no air drops to install for pneumatics.

True to the Kolinahr Systems philosophy, this machine is designed to be durable and reliable and require little maintenance.  We strive to increase your productivity and decrease your downtime.  Moving components are lubed for life and wear parts are easy to access and replace when necessary

PLS200 Pallet Lift System

Convenient Installation

The PLS200 pallet life is designed so that it can be easily added to an existing production line.  Simply install the pallet lift at the end and pop out a roller to accommodate the downstream lifting foot.  The perpendicular loading orientation is optimal for CDLR conveyor and eliminates the need for a turn table downstream.

Improve Safety

Anytime a task traditionally performed by a fork truck can be automated, it makes a facility safer for the employees and minimizes costly repairs to equipment damaged by fork trucks.  The PLS 200 Pallet Lift System is no exception.  The machine accurately and reliably places the pallet on the conveyor without causing damage.  It does the work and prevents injury and muscle strain from moving heavy pallets up long ramps.

In most facilities the pallet lift will require additional safety protections such as fencing and a door or light curtain.  Our team can help you design a safety enclosure that’s right for your facility.

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