PS520 Destacker

Model: PS520 Destacker

Unique Features:  Extra wide conveyor width, Programmed for destacking

A leading autoparts manufacturer was looking to increase efficiency and safety in their receiving area.  They needed a way to automate the de-stacking of large product totes.  These totes arrived to the facility stacked three high and at 90 inches wide they were bulky and cumbersome.  Prior to the installation of our PS520 destacker, a fork truck operator would unload and de-stack the totes before taking them to the production line.  This process provided challenges to efficiency since the fork truck operators had to split their time between receiving and other parts of the facility. 

Our Reputation Precedes Us

After looking at multiple equipment options Kolinahr Systems was ultimately recommended to the customer by their conveyor manufacturer.  Among other OEMs that we have worked with, our engineers have built a reputation for taking on and succeeding in building unusual equipment.  Kolinahr products have also developed a reputation for quality, durability, and reliability.

Cooperation is Key

The Kolinahr team worked with the customer to create a custom PS520 that would be able to de-stack their totes and accommodate the double wide size.  They also worked closely with the conveyor manufacturer to make sure that the equipment would blend seamlessly at installation.  After the development of a custom PLC program, the destacker was rigorously tested in-house prior to shipment to ensure that it would need very little adjustment at start-up.  Construction of a new line takes long enough without having to deal with OEMs who wait until installation to work through any issues with the equipment.

The Final Product

The totes enter the stack zone stacked three high.  Using a network of send/receive photoeyes the lifting forks find the lifting points and lift up the top two totes and allow the bottom tote to move along the production line.  Once the bottom tote is clear, the destacker sets down the top two totes and unstacks the top tote using the same process.

The PS520 comes standard with ratcheting fall prevention mechanism that doubles as a mechanical lockout for maintenance.  The machine is equipped with a variety of sensors and photoeyes to detect unsafe conditions such as unexpected stack sizes, unstable stacks, or some sort of hang up in the lifting feet.  If an unsafe condition is detected, the destacker goes into alert mode, the air is dumped and the mechanical lockout is activated.  The customer also selected a full fencing package that included electronic door switches and photo-electric light curtains to detect unauthorize entrance into the stack zone.

The customer received a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment that will operate with minimal maintenance for many years to come.  They were able to free up two fork truck drivers for use elsewhere in the facility.  Once automated, their receiving process is now safer and more efficient.


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