CR10 Robotic core print and apply label applicator

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Kolinahr Systems Announces New Status as Universal Robots certified systems integrator

The Ultimate in Versatility and Flexibility

Collaborative Robots, or cobots, are at the cutting edge of end of line processing and packaging.  This innovation has made what was once impossible, possible.  So far, our engineers have used this technology to label inside of cores, label round loads and square loads with the same machine, label 4 sides and the top of a unit load, and apply two different sized labels.  These is not your typical pick-and-place application and the members of our team have become experts in various sensors and machine vision technologies to accomplish these very challenging tasks.  The inherent freedom of the robot arm coupled with Kolinahr Systems’ expertise in label application and machine controls make the CR10 robot label applicator a truly exceptional machine.

Universal Robots Certified Systems Integrator

Universal Robots is the world leader in collaborative robots.  This status is a recognition of our team’s achievements in cobot integration and programming.  It gives us special access to the support and knowledge of the UR community.  Our team has been labeling with the UR robots since 2016 and we have helped many companies automate the labeling of difficult locations and surfaces, and have developed a particular specialization in curved surfaces.

Robots and Safety

Cobots are equipped with an on-board force limiting feature.  This threshold can be adjusted to help ensure the safety of your product and your employees.  When the cobot detects an unexpected force that exceeds this preset threshold, it will stop and wait for the operator to clear the obstruction and restart the program.  Cobots are still relatively new to the industry and to the end of line segment of material handling.  Many customers opt for an additional guarding package until their teams can can become familiar.


Kolinahr and Universal Robots can both offer training packages to help you understand and maintain your new robot label applicator.  If you prefer the hands off approach, you can add a Universal Robots service plan for worry-free maintenance and repairs.  With multiple tiers there will certainly be an option that’s right for your company.


Our team works to create a solution to fulfill your facility’s packaging needs.  Therefore each machine is custom built for your application.  Here are a few added features our customers have opted to include, but if you don’t see what you need, please contact us to speak with an engineer.

      • Adjustable auto-height capability
      • Low label stock and ribbon sensors
      • Operator lock-out for printer maintenance
      • Separate control panel for installation outside of fencing
      • Access door and pull out drawer for printer maintenance
      • End of arm barcode scan and verification equipment
      • TrakSYS tracking software
      • And more…