Kolinahr Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce our new status as a Universal Robots certified systems integrator.  Universal Robots is the world leader in collaborative robots (cobots).  This status is in recognition of our team’s achievements in cobot integration and programming.  It gives us special access to the support and knowledge of the UR community.

The collaborative technology and flexibility of the Universal Robots robotic arm allows us to take our print and apply knowledge to the next level.  We have been working with cobots since 2016 and have helped many companies automate the labeling of difficult locations and surfaces and we have developed a particular specialization in curved surfaces.

For more information about our robotic label applicator visit the product page on our website.  Or reach out to our sales team.

Visit Universal Robots to view their line of collaborative robots.

Universal Robots Certified Systems Integrator
Four-Sided Label Applicator
Robotic Drum Labeler

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