SA3100 Three-Sided Pallet Label Applicator

Automated pallet labelers have been a part of the packaging line in large manufacturing facilities for a long time.  At Kolinahr, we’ve been building automatic pallet labelers for customers since 1994.  Most manufacturers are familiar with the benefits of transitioning from manual labeling to automated labelling.  Some of these benefits include, improved safety, efficiency, and consistency of label placement.  It also means production can continue despite the challenges many manufacturers are having filling open positions in their warehouses.

With this automation comes new challenges.  Without a human to see the label as it is placed on the load, some facilities are fighting problems with dropped, wrinkled, or otherwise unreadable labels.  Adding a barcode scanner can help identify these issues before they cause confusion and downtime elsewhere in the facility. 

Some scanner vendors have developed devices to scan the label as it is coming out of the printer.  This is a compact and handy way to verify print quality, but since it is checked before being applied to the load, it can’t verify readability.  There are also stationary stand-alone scanners that can verify that the label is placed properly and can be read, however these are usually placed after the labeling zone where it can’t be corrected by the machine, and would therefore require an operator to intervene.

All of our Kolinahr Systems pallet labeling machines offer an option to add a barcode scanner to the machine itself.  In our experience this is the most efficient and effective way to incorporate scanning into your packaging process.  The scanner verifies the label placement and readability once it has been applied to the load.  If there is an issue with print quality, wrinkles, or just a missing label, the machine can correct the issue right there by applying a new label.  Additionally, many of our automatic pallet labelers can label multiple sides of a unit load.  By mounting the scanner on the machine, each of these positions can be verified with just one scanner. 

While most of our customers use the scanner for simple verification, it can also be used as a part of a larger product tracking strategy.  As the load goes through the labeling zone it can be scanned and entered into the warehouse inventory.

While a simple print and apply labeler will work for most, a scanner can be a simple way to add that extra level of efficiency and reliability to a healthy and robust production line.  As an added benefit it can also help to set your facility up for future technological improvements.


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