Kolinahr Systems Engineers Stand Behind Their Products And They Stand On Them!

Recently, a manufacturing operation in the Midwest tossed out their 3-year old pallet stackers and replaced them with a Kolinahr Stacker. The reason? They were losing money because of persistent downtime due to equipment breakdowns.

Kolinahr Systems’ tagline uses the words “Reliable, Rugged, and Dependable” to describe the equipment because customers testify to long term reliability. Kolinahr’s first label applicator (SA2000) was built in 1996 and the first pallet stacker (PS500) was built in 1999. Both are still successfully running today in customer facilities across the U.S. Every Kolinahr model, whether standard production or custom-built, is designed, engineered, and built for minimal downtime and long life. The emphasis on long-life helps customers drive down operating costs and keep their profits.